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YESforLOV - G-Spot Gel 10 gram

Item: E30728

Prijs € 29.90

Klik hier voor meer producten van dit merk.  Intense coolness for intimate exploration, G-spot in sight! Arousal with a capital V, she shudders, YES! (Additional help will be welcome and more if we get on).

An arousal vaginal gel exclusively dedicated to female pleasure, specifically formulated to amplify and prolong the intensity of orgasms caused by the G-spot stimulation.

Powerful and natural, YESforLOV G-Spot stimulating gel works feverishly at the heart of arousal by stimulating the erectile tissue of the vaginal walls to induce powerful, deep and diffuse orgasms. And take you to the unexplored heights of ecstasy.

Compatible with sex toys and condoms
Made in France

The G-spot stimulating gel has been dermatologically tested on skin and vaginal mucous

Cosmetovigilance: No undesirable effects have been reported to date.

Specially formulated for the G-spot stimulation
The G-spot stimulating gel has been specifically formulated to amplify and enhance sensations during orgasm that occurs after an intense stimulation of the clitoral and vaginal area.

A formula designed for the most sensitive intimate areas
Because each sensitivity of intimate areas is different, the YESforLOV G-spot stimulating gel has been specifically formulated to act gradually. Suitable for all types of mucus membranes, even the most delicate areas.

A subtle fresh mint flavour
The YESforLOV G-spot stimulating gel is kissable, deliciously eatable and slightly minty. It can be safely ingested during oral sex.

A highly concentrated formula
A small amount of this orgasmic gel is enough. The tube will provide approximately 30 uses.

Superior presentation
White and gold packaging, lipgloss-shaped, a modern and top-of-the-range identity which will easily fit in your handbag or on your nightstand.


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